Client Love

Here are some of the nice things that clients have said about me:



“Cheney Holistic Services provides a positive experience in a safe environment.  Furthermore, my session has provided me with emotional relief and a sense of peace.  It gives you an opportunity to listen to your inner voice and provides a better understanding of the inner self-healing required for your own betterment” – Frank Cicchelli



“Manuela is definitely a healer.   I came to her to help me through a major life transition that was accompanied by a lot of stress, anxiety and fear.  I am so glad I did.  Her ability to help me shift the craziness I was experiencing into a peaceful, relaxed state where I had the ability to see things more clearly was impressive.  I was finally able to feel in control of my life and that I could face life’s challenges head on.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Manuela to anyone who needs help with any issues, whether they are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  Life Coaching is so powerful and make such a difference in your life!  I’ve also had some Reiki treatments combined with my coaching session and what a wonderful decision that was!

When you have people that are conscientious, compassionate and dedicated like Manuela, it’s so easy to get unstuck and move forward.  It has been money well spent!!” – Gabriel Campese, Ultimate Dune Buggy – Punta Cana, DR



“I have met Manuela several times and had an opportunity to experience her magical touch and expertise. Manuela is a highly trained professional healer, and her extensive knowledge, intuition and divine talent is admirable. I am warmly recommending her services to anyone who needs any kind of energetic work done, especially Reiki.  Manuela is an extraordinary healer and a pure soul indeed.” – Ilina Ivana, AstroCoach



“I was never a believer in alternative healing but now I am.  I came to Manuela after hurting my back and not being able to move.  I was desperate and willing to try anything.  After three consecutive sessions with Manuela, not only was I able to move, I slept well, not only was my back pain free but my joints didn’t feel as stiff either.  I have not felt the need to take pain killers anymore.

As well, she was able to provide an Aromatherapy blend to help my daughter breathe (and as a result, sleep throughout the night) after many years bringing her to specialists and seeing no progress with them.  Thank you!” – Erica Thomas, Student and full time Single Mom



“Dear Manuela, I wanted to say the biggest thank you.  I have had Reiki in the past, and have tried Life Coaching but have never experienced anything like what you have offered to me at Cheney Holistic.  From my very first sessions with you, I have felt healed, understood, listened to, loved, safe and nurtured.  You have removed blocks that I didn’t even know I had and you have assisted me in getting back onto my true path.  I will be back as you both are truly heaven sent and amazing.  I would highly recommend you to everyone! Xoxoxox” – I.A.



“My son wasn’t his usual self and getting into trouble at school a lot.  Not only that, he was also waking up many times during the night and complaining that he was afraid.  The family environment also felt tense and we just couldn’t understand what was happening.  Finally I had Manuela come to our home to do a house clearing.  She burned incense, used a drum and rattles and did some other things and I could just feel the ‘stuff’ just start to clear.  My husband who was out of the house with our son also witnessed our son just suddenly change before his eyes.  He said that he became calmer and peaceful.  Our home now feels safe and a place that we love coming back to.  Who knew that such a thing could happen!” – Nina C.



“I have spoken to Manuela many times and I never really understood what Reiki healing was all about.  I had no idea what an impact it would have on me.  I had no idea I was holding onto so much stuff inside and I was so shocked by how accurately Manuela describe the areas of my body which I was holding onto pain – I had never mentioned it to her prior!  She is very passionate about what she does!  She helps you connect with your inner-self to help you realize the untapped potential that you have within you.  I would recommend Cheney Holistic to anyone, and I’m looking forward to my next session!” – N.P.



“I could not walk from my bedroom to the kitchen without being in a lot of pain.  How pleasantly surprised was I when I received a Distance Reiki Treatment from the other end of the end of the world in Australia and within an hour I was able to walk a kilometer pain free!  I recommend Cheney Holistic to everyone who has some type of ailment! Manuela is such a doll, and a caring, sincere person. They both have a passion to help others and it shows in their service.” – Aileen MacDonald, Adelaide, Australia