About Manuela Cheney

I took the long route home.

It’s true.  From a young age I had an strong interest in alternative healing, human biology, the mind-body connection and spirituality but a fear in needles and a high level of curiosity which got me into a lot of trouble directed me to different career paths in different industries such as travel and tourism, printing and publishing, computer software and religion.

I learned a lot from these industries.  I found out that I deeply love helping people. I was introduced to many healing modalities via manuscripts crossing my desks.  My heart understood how important it is to people to feel connected to a greater being. I was able to see a different side to hospitals that usually patients and visitors don’t see.

I became curious about how I could share everything I learned.

As time went on, I became more restless with my job and more curious about sharing my knowledge with the world until finally the discomfort became so unbearable I left my job and Cheney Holistic was born.

I am living my dream and I’m grateful every day for it.

I am deeply privileged to work with people as the heal on all levels.  With a compassionate heart I witness people on their journey and hold a safe and respectable space for them while they are in a vulnerable state.